At a time when political divisions run deep, ranked choice voting offers a solution to help advance candidates who are supported by a majority of voters. The primary process sets the tone for elections in America, and when candidates on the extreme-right and extreme-left prevail, more moderate voters can feel like no choice represents their perspective, leaving them to select from the “lesser of two evils.”

In RCV, candidates must appeal not only to their base, but more broadly to the electorate to secure a victory. In some cases, this means more moderate candidates who represent a greater percentage of voters will emerge the majority winner. Moreover, in RCV elections, campaigns are more likely to be issue-driven, rather than hinged on personal attacks and mudslinging.

With temperatures at a boiling point politically, RCV offers voters more choice, prevents “spoiler candidates,” and guarantees that officeholders are truly elected by a majority of voters. With voters satisfied that winning candidates have a majority of public support, elected officials can govern more effectively and better represent their constituencies.

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